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All efforts and investments in the development of better healthcare technologies are useless if they are not accessed by patients. This access has undergone profound changes, caused by rising costs and reduction in the perception of the value of medical care.

The effect of losses on the value perception is that all players of the healthcare chain - producers, service providers and payers - have received severe criticisms from the population and little has been done for the improvement of their institutional images and customers satisfying.

Better healthcare technologies are an imperative to solve unmet medical needs, but the requirements for effectiveness, safety and affordable costs are increasing. In addition, each player in the healthcare chain has its own criteria for judging whether a technology is valuable to its own context.

We at TechValue work with the demonstration of the value of technologies in health, under the several perspectives that currently comprise the perception of the players along the public and private healthcare systems. Therefore:

We investigate the characteristics of each technology;
We seek for getting a good understand on the needs of potential customers;
We investigate and choose for value propositions of each technology that can make the best sense for each segment or client in the healthcare chain;
We build materials that support the demonstration of value, such as clinical-economic dossiers, pharmacoeconomic models, publications, opinion papers, etc.; and
We develop strategies and tactics intending that this information reach the right decision-maker, with the best message and at the right time.

In addition, we are deeply involved in innovative models that can bring new perspectives on maximization of the value of technologies in healthcare, such as VBHC - Value Based Healthcare.

This is how TechValue believes it is fulfilling its role by helping all participants in health systems, and specially patients, to gain access to technologies that can deliver satisfactory results in a sustainable way.

We are specialists in Health Economics, Market Access and Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC)
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Value Partnerships

TechValue has establishing partnerships with companies that expand the scope of activities and generate synergy in several complementary areas, such as:

Clinical Research
Regulatory Affairs
Business Development
Business Intelligence
Benefits Management
Hospital Administration