Health Economics

At TechValue we seek for solutions that promote
the balance between efficiency, economy and
sustainability along the health care sectors.

Market Access

TechValue has large experience in developing
strategies on products, services and business for the
access to the private and public healthcare market.

Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC)

TechValue believes on the need of to redeem the value
perception of all players and patients on the health care
products and services and has been working on dissemination
and application of VBHC concepts and practices.

Health Economics

The TechValue focus on Health Economics refers to understanding the needs of the several players on the healthcare chain, using this approach to build and communicate value propositions and information that allow delivering the greatest possible economic utility.

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Market Access

TechValue adopts and practices the concept of Market Access as the set of actions that aim to reconcile the needs of suppliers, providers and payers of healthcare products and services, to ensure that care may be delivered to the patients with the best value and sustainability.

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Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC)

Aiming at the sustainability of health systems and patient satisfaction, TechValue is working on the development of new healthcare and reimbursement models, following VBHC principles to increase efficiency and quality in the healthcare.

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About TechValue

We are a consulting firm specialized in analysis, creation, development and implementation of solutions to harmonize the clinical and economic needs of the players in healthcare chain using tools based on Health Technology Assessment and Market Access.

Our focus is to identify, demonstrate, and communicate the conditions under each health technology become most valuable to patients, service providers, payers, and producers of technologies in health.

For this, we use the expertise of our team and the best work practices, as well as complying with the Laws and good ethic principles on health and competitiveness.

We also have a wide network of partnerships with companies that increase our scope of activities and generate synergy in several complementary areas, acting both in pharmaceuticals and medical equipment & devices.

We work for all segments of the healthcare chain: producers, distributors, service providers (hospitals, clinics, laboratories, etc.), public and private payers and professional societies, among others.

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The challenge is to create solutions that assure the efficiency and sustainability of healthcare systems, as well as the satisfaction of patients' needs.

Professionals who make TechValue

Leonardo Fernandes

Market Access and B2B

More than 18 years of experience in the healthcare sector;
BBA, MBA (Strategic and Economic Management of Business/FGV; Big Data in Health/USP);
Expertise on new business development;
Project management using Watson/IBM technology and DRG methods for large hospitals;
Management of pharmacoeconomic studies and projects involving groups of beneficiaries from health plans.

I worked with Wilson for several years
at Medtronic and recommend him. He is one of the most knowledgeable
professional in Health Economics in Brazil. He brings value to the
business with his technical perspective and broad experience.

Oscar Porto
Healthcare VP/Managing Director for Brazil and Latin America

I recognize Wilson Follador as a competent and
very up-to-date professional. He is very hard-working in the
activities he endeavors. As a teacher he is staid and generous
(he does not hesitate to share his great knowledge).

Ana Maria Malik
MD, Master in Business Administration - FGV, PhD in Preventive Medicine - USP, Full Professor of EAESP-FGV, Coordinator of GVsaúde/FGV-EAESP

Leonardo is a professional with an
outstanding business vision, who knows the pharmaceutical market
as few people do. That made it possible to achieve great and
lasting results in a short time.

Rodrigo Pudelko Moschella
Strategic Planning and Market Access Manager - Novartis

Wilson is a competent, ethical and accessible professional...
he is an expert on public health policies, as well as an icon
in the knowledge of pharmacoeconomic policies.

Lucia Helena Xavier
Public Market Access - Abbott

I have worked together with Wilson on two Market Access Brazil conferences
and each time been surprised by his expertise, pedagogical and empathetic
approach to a complicated, technical as well as politicized topic.

Magnus Franzén-Rossi
Principal Consultant at PA Consulting Group

Leonardo is a person of contagious energy.
Creative and strategic professional,
focused on excellence.

Natália Oliveira
Executive/Commercial Director, Strategy and Marketing (e-commerce specialist) - Cultura Nerd

I doubt that there is someone minimally informed
within Health Economics area who doesn't know Wilson Follador,
his expertise, his fine sense of humor, and his uncontrollable
urge to help. He is always ready to collaborate.

Osmar A. Silva
Medical Publisher, Jornal Brasileiro de Economia da Saúde (JBES)

I didn't had the opportunity to work
directly with Leonardo, but I know is always capable of adapting to
new working environments. Thanks to interpersonal skills, has great
relations with company clients, co-workers and potential customers.

Omar Pinheiro
IT Senior Manager at Natura

Wilson is one of the most experienced professionals
in Health Economics and has large expertise in healthcare.
Beyond his technical skills, Wilson has a broad relationship with
stakeholders, something distinctive in his field of expertise.

Solange Dallana
Market Access, government and Regulatory Affairs Director - Grupo NC