Health Economics

The TechValue focus on Health Economics refers to understanding the needs of the several players in the healthcare chain, using this approach to build and communicate value propositions and information that allow delivering the greatest possible economic utility.


Informative and/or analytical reports on epidemiology, patterns of care, financing and healthcare market characteristics in Brazil.
Value Dossiers, opinion papers, scientific papers and others.
Pharmacoeconomic models (cost minimization, cost-benefit, cost-effectiveness and budget impact).
Lectures, conferences, trainings and other forms of dissemination of concepts and analysis results.

Market Access

TechValue adopts and practices the concept of Market Access as the set of non-commercial strategies and tactics that aim to maximize the chances of a product or service being adopted and reimbursed by the healthcare players in efficient, secure and sustainable ways.


Strategies to achieve the inclusion and expansion for the use of technologies by healthcare systems/organizations.
Tactics to implement Market Access initiatives in an effectively and timely way.
Assessment on the affordability and willingness to adopt technologies by players in the healthcare settings.
Development of projects including partnerships on synergistic fields for Market Access purposes.
Trainings and presentations on Market Access-related matters.

Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC)

Facing to the challenges for the sustainability of healthcare systems and to reach patient satisfaction, TechValue is supporting the development of new payment models for health care provision, following the VBHC principles.

New models’ examples:

Risk sharing
Pay per performance
Bundled payment